In keeping with tradition, and releasing the works of our friends and FMLY

MJ MJ is proud to present 'Figure in Isolation'

a stop motion short film created in Red Mountain by our lovelies

Kaleb Durocher and Michelle Chrzanowski,

with an original score by our very own Vacation Dad.

Along with being two of our bestest friends and two of the most awesome people ever, Kaleb and Shelly are constant FMLY supporters and founding members of the wearefriends art collective.  They had this to say about their work:

"Figure in Isolation is our first animation, a story about masked
creatures living alone in an empty world.

We based it off of an original soundscape created for us by the
musician Vacation Dad. Every night after classes we would retreat to a
small, dark bedroom to work. This animation reflects our seclusion
during the long Wisconsin winter we spent making it. Figure in
Isolation premiered earlier this year at the Thirteenth Annual
Wisconsin Film Festival in Madison, Wisconsin and was recently
screened at the Cinebites Film Festival in Denver, Colorado.”

Plz. plz. plz take the time to view this and click through to their respective sites and view their other work.

We can promise you won’t be disappointed.



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