We had the worst Earth Day ever.  We were on our way to LA and some jerks broke into our van.  They stole our clothes, money, computers and all of Vacation Dad’s music stuff.  We’re out about $7,000!  But we’ve finally made it to LA, and we’ve started a kickstarter to get us back on our feet.  We had our FMLY and FRNDS give us some tracks for a Save MJ MJ compilation.  There’s 25 new songs (and 6 old ones) from Cloud Nothings, Truman Peyote, Mutual Benefit, BlackHawks, Gauntlet Hair, etc etc etc.  Check our bandcamp to stream the whole thing.  We’ve got some other goodies too.  Anything ya’ll can do to help would be super great!


Andy & Charlie @ MJ MJ 


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